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IT Project Consultancy
Company Services
    We do a consultancy of Company Services, for Indonesia and Singapore Company business. Please contact us
IT Consultant Services
    Our services include:
    1. Visibility Study for Goverment Project
    2. Project Conceptualization, Analysis, Planning & Design
    3. Product Development
    4. Implementation
    5. Maintenance & Application Support
Payroll & HR Process Outsourcing
    We helping you to do the Payroll Outsourcing service will ensure that all staff receives the right amount of salary at the right time, pay slips are provided to the staff and any staff payroll questions and concerns are given the highest priority.
    Do the responsibility to ensure that all legal and government tax requirements are fulfilled in line with law of the country.
    We offer an efficient, well organized and proven payroll service that take full responsibility for the establishment of process and the execution of service.
    Our Payroll outsourcing services are cost effective for our small as well as large customers.
Recruitment Services
    We recruiting Professional with the excellent experience to help partners to solve the problem and give the best solution with innovation and fast decision.
IT Staff Outsourcing Services
    We partner companies in sourcing and placing short and long term temporary/contract staff and manage their salary, annual leave, statutory payments, contributions, tax return and additional benefits such as medical and travel insurance and any relevant bonus as required by our clients.
    Services Provided:
    • Recruitment of short term temporary staff
    • Recruitment of long term contract staff
    • Outsourcing Services
    • Payroll Management
IT Hardware and Software